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Academic Team capacity

In the age of the common core, the network academic team is pivotal to
helping students achieve at the next level.
Our goal is to supercharge the academic team ... 
 equipping them with an inspiring vision, clear roles, strong partnerships with schools, and intuitive supports that create meaningful change. 
We are offering several ways to build the capacity of
Network Academic Specialists and their supervisors:

Join a virtual community of Network Achievement Specialists from across the country


Collaborate with peers to unleash the potential of your academic team


Bring individuals and teams to the next level of their leadership


Academic Community
Virtual Academic Community Platform 
Beginning this November, join a free virtual community platform with Network Academic Specialists from across the country to share best practices on common roles.  
More details coming soon!
 -- No Cost --

Supervisor supports

Academic Supervisors
Learning Forum for Supervisors
Join a live monthly forum for Academic Team Supervisors about what it takes to champion your network academic teams.  
Supervisors will discuss challenges in defining a vision for academic leadership and translating the vision to practice, while collaborating with peers to maximize impact.  Targeted for Chief Academic Officers, Directors of Curriculum and Instruction and similar who oversee academic teams.
Forum Begins December 2018
 $2,000 (discussion only) or $3,500 (discussion + learning) 
Companion Coaching for Supervisors
We work with Forum Participants seeking 1:1  coaching to apply the forum insights in their context and take their leadership to the next level.
Coaching Begins December 2018
$3,500+ for 7 month biweekly coaching 

specialist supports

Content Lead Supports
Individual Programmatic Coaching - Foundations For Impact
Network Academic Specialists will receive 1:1 training and coaching on the Foundations for Impact curriculum.  This individual support is designed to equip specialists to define a clear vision of their role, define priorities, align time with priorities and target specific challenges in translating their vision to schools.
Coaching begins December 2018
Onsite Academic Team Capacity Building
For organizations looking to bring a team’s performance to the next level, we offer customized on-site support.  This tailored offering may include diagnostics, trainings, group coaching, and implementation support.  
 -- Varies --
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