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Meet the team




Breakthrough Coach. Org Culture Geek.



Managing Director.  Strategic Leader.  Jane of All Trades.

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 Coach. Community Builder. Working Group Magician.

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Coach. Trainer.  Talent Guru.

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Consultant. Operationalizer.


our community

At Leading Elephants, we expand the community of support to bring diverse and technical skills to complex challenges.  Where appropriate, we partner with other organizations to help our clients receive help they need most.

Meet our

Collaborative partners

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partners

Academic Strategy and Implementation Partners

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We seek to provide a seamless experience when our clients engage multiple partners.

We work to jointly scope an initiative and what is needed.  Often, our partner will bring deep expertise and technical credibility and will facilitate meetings and advise on the “what” of an initiative.  Leading Elephants may support in the initiative design, stakeholder engagement, cultural healing, leadership coaching, and other elements of the “how” experience.
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See how Leading Elephants works with our partners to meet each organization's unique needs.

Case Study 1

Our Client's


A Charter Management Organization located in the North East came to Leading Elephants for help with:

  • merging three organizations into one

  • navigating a redesign of their central office 

  • redesigning their academic team

What Leading Elephants Did

  • Facilitate merger conversations

  • Develop the change management plan

  • Reconstitute the leadership team

  • Advice the new COO & CAO in day to day leadership

What Our

Partner Did

  • Create a new academic model

  • Select curriculum

  • Develop consistent academic practices

  • Advise the organization design of the Academic Team

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