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Fall 2022 | Early Winter 2023


Four Part Virtual Series

White Leaders Working on Antiracism

Join us for this four part virtual series designed to support your reflection, growth, and planning as an equity leader. You may register for our upcoming Fall course or our Winter course at this time.

White Leaders Working on Antiracism
White Leaders Working on Antiracism

Event Information

Fall 2022 | Early Winter 2023

Four Part Virtual Series

About The Program


This series is designed for leaders who feel called to deepen their understanding and commitment to antiracism.

By engaging in foundational inner work to understand the origins and impact of whiteness at work in their leadership, participants will grow in self-awareness, notice their own impact and step more confidently into the discomfort of antiracist conversations and action.

As a member of this learning community you will:

  • Engage in rigorous reflection on your impact as a white leader
  • Understand and examine how our culture of white supremacy (“whiter is better”) functions in your leadership and how you can begin to notice and dismantle it
  • Lean into the discomfort of racial justice work and practice engaging with love in challenging conversations about race
  • Translate your growing awareness and reflection into sustained action

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    This is an indication of interest and early access to future White Leaders Working on Antiracism programming. Join our waitlist to be the among the first to know when a new course is scheduled.

  • Individual Coaching Support

    If you could use a thought partner to refine your thinking and articulate next steps for your leadership, our coaching package provides five (5) hours of individualized support.

  • Team Application Support

    Our application support provides six (6) hours of support with a team / the team leader to translate their reflections into action.




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