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Inclusive Change

Foundational Workshop Series

At Leading Elephants, we believe that how you lead change speaks volumes.  


Your approach to leading change shows your care and respect for your people, your lived commitment to inclusiveness, and whether you truly “get” their work.

Why we created this course

For more than ten years we have been supporting leaders. During this time, we have seen leaders read about leading change, but not know how to translate what they're reading into practical steps. 

Too often, this disconnect leads to change efforts that undermine trust, create resistance, or lead to weak implementation.


Our approach

Seeing this need, we created Leading Inclusive Change.


This three-part workshop is designed to help leaders learn the practical steps of leading inclusive change.


This course is grounded in Leading Elephants' signature change frameworks, tools, and mindsets for leaders who are leading change at the team, cross-functional, or system level.

Join us for this Three Part 
virtual Workshop.
Course Dates:​
  • To be announced

Course Time:​

To be announced

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"This training was unique because it inspired me to be a more empathetic leader. It's also given me the tools, structure, and tactics to do be an empathetic leader in an intentional way."
WHAT Participants SAY

—  Foundation Investment Partner

Anchor 1
  • Is this course right for me?
    This series is designed as a learning experience for white and white presenting leaders who seek to deepen their lived commitment to antiracism in community with others. We engage in the internal work of rigorously reflecting on our impact as well as the external work of engaging responsibly and thoughtfully on issues of race and equity. What if I haven’t engaged in learning/training on antiracism before? There are no prerequisites in terms of learning experiences or training for this series. However, our work together is rooted in an understanding that white supremacy and systemic racism shape our history and our lived experience and that practicing antiracism as white leaders requires both rigorous self-examination and informed action. What if I’ve engaged in learning/training on antiracism before? Many participants who have engaged in previous trainings have found this course to be invaluable in their ongoing antiracism journeys. Specifically, they have appreciated the opportunity to deepen their awareness and skills while building relationships through accountability practice groups, as well as learning new tools while reinforcing familiar concepts.
  • Why do this with other white and white presenting leaders?
    Increasingly, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) leaders are encouraging white and white presenting colleagues to do their own work (before or in addition to) engaging in multi-racial dialogues. White affinity spaces provide spaces to learn, self-reflect and be lovingly challenged to live in greater alignment with our beliefs - without doing harm to our BIPOC colleagues in the process.
  • What will we cover?
    As a member of this learning community you will: Build knowledge about the role that white supremacy has played in our history and our lived experience Understand and begin to examine how white supremacy functions in your leadership so that you can disrupt it Lean into the challenge and discomfort of engaging in antiracist work as a white leader Build skills in openly receiving feedback and lovingly challenging others Consider what responsible and sustained antiracist action looks like in your context Build capacity and community to sustain your practice
  • What will be expected of me?
    WLWA is a collective learning experience. During the series you will be engaging with a large whole group (65+ people), in sections (14-16 people), in small practice partner groups (3-4 people), and in pairs. The practice partner groups will remain the same, to the extent possible given shifts in attendance session to session, so that you have an opportunity to build community with a small group throughout the entirety of the course. Since your participation in the course each week impacts the groups' collective experience, we ask that you attend a minimum of three sessions live and to watch the recording of any session that you miss. We also ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice if you cannot attend a session. To make the most of our time together, we ask participants to complete prework and reflections in advance each week. We know you have limited time, so we strive to make this a meaningful investment. We ask that you set aside two hours for prework prior to the first session and one hour for prework for each of the following weeks. We see this as a commitment to your own learning and the learning of our community and we appreciate your preparation and engagement. For more information about our expectations, we invite you to read our Community Agreement here. ​​​​
  • Who helped create the course materials?
    We give special thanks to our partner Lesley Brown Rawlings at Beloved Community for providing advisory support to ensure that our programming is centered in the perspectives of BIPOC experts in equity work.
  • How much does this course cost?
    Our base participation fee is $250 or pay what you can afford.
  • Who benefits from my participation fee?
    50% of the course proceeds will be dedicated to Black thought leaders who inform this work, to Beloved Community (a Black-led organization) for advising us on the work, and toward the development of offerings for BIPOC leaders. The other 50% covers the operational program costs and stipends to volunteer facilitators and coordinators.
  • What if I can't afford the participation fee?
    Our base participation fee is $250 or pay what you can afford. If $250 is above your budget, please contact for further support. Note: Our “pay what you can afford” policy is designed for individuals paying out of pocket. For organizations in need of financial accommodation, please contact and we will set up a time to discuss your needs.
  • Is my participation fee refundable?
    Program registration is non-transferable. You can cancel your registration up to 2 weeks before the registration deadline. There is a $50 cancelation fee. Cancelations after the 2 week period are non-refundable.
  • I want to sign up 5+ people from my organization. Is this possible?
    Groups of 5+ people from the same organization take special care given the personal nature of Antiracism work. We're happy to work with you to make these accomodations and to give you a clear picture of what the experience will be like for people in your group. Please contact to start the registration process.
Anchor 2

Meet the facilitators


Michelle Moore Hernandez

Michelle is the CEO and Founder of Leading Elephants, a consulting coaching and training organization focused on building dynamic and impactful leadership, infusing inclusive change in organizations and creating thriving cultures that help people be their best together.
Prior to founding Leading Elephants, Michelle led leadership development for The Broad Center, advised schools in Africa and served as a partner in a global consulting firm across multiple geographies.

Jerrod Walker.jpeg

Jerrod Walker

Jerrod is the Executive Director of InspirED Solutions, LLC. and a Founding Consultant with a Master's Degree in Education and well over a decade of experience in diversity, equity, and inclusiveness strategy. He identifies as a spiritual Black, cisgender, bisexual man from a low-income background. He loves working with people to develop strategies for achieving ambitious goals as well as facilitating learning that fosters learning about the world and the self.

Jerrod brings over 15 years of instructional, adult learning design, management, and strategic planning experience to his work and also serves as the National Managing Director for Future Organization Design at Teach For America.


Amber Mackay

Amber is the Managing Director at Leading Elephants, and she is passionate about helping leaders thrive.  She was first exposed to the transformative work at Leading Elephants as a coachee, and she loves to share how her ongoing journey toward greater human-centered leadership enriches her life.  


Prior to working at Leading Elephants, Amber served as a leader in a fast-paced charter management organization working in K-12 education.  She has led teams, served as a chief of staff in multiple capacities, and acted as a coach and advisor to leaders across the nation.


Dr. Remy L. Washington

Remy L. Washington, EdD is the Chief Academic Officer for Uplift Education, where she oversees teaching and learning across 43 International Baccalaureate continuum schools and the management of the Road to College and Career.


Remy is passionate about change as an opportunity to be inspired, invested, and energized to create shifts in practice, leading to positive generational impacts and life outcomes for scholars.


Remy has served as a managing director, principal, school administrator, and mathematics teacher.  In addition to her Masters of Arts of Teaching and a Masters in Educational Leadership in Organizational Change. Remy received her Doctorate of Education in Urban Education and Leadership.  Her dissertation study included an analysis of the influence of teacher self-efficacy on teacher attrition.

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