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our Values 
& Beliefs
Our mission is to create a compassionate,
human-centered world where all people can thrive.

We believe that it takes the whole leader - head, heart, and backbone - to provide the leadership that meets all of the human needs their people have.  And it is the whole person that truly achieves a fulfilled life.  Our practice is to see every moment as an opportunity to engage heart-to-heart, human-to-human, to tilt the world toward compassion and human-centeredness.  We infuse this into our living, learning, giving, and leading. Pragmatically, this means we:

We See ourselves not as experts, but as fellow journey members on a shared path. 

We do the work we invite our leaders to do.  It is an invitation first to evolve our own way of being and secondly to treat our personal relationships and each other at Leading Elephants as companions in learning.

We cultivate a culture and way of being that is supportive of great conversations.

We believe conversations are the building blocks to great relationships.  We keep our relationships “clean,” (no elephants in the room at Leading Elephants), and we bring curiosity and care to how we work together.

We Take ownership of being a force against inequity.

We believe we can’t take a stand for human-centeredness and complacently live in a world that dehumanizes others because of their race / ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, place of origin, religion, physical ability, socioeconomic status or background or political beliefs.  Leading with Equity is at the center of our work, and is a part of the journey we invite all to take in the work we do.

We internalize, revisit, and consider our values as we lead with backbone in the world.

We seek out values-based organizations as we partner with others in this space, and we celebrate leading and living with intention.

We amplify possibility.

At Leading Elephants

Learn more about our values here.

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