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Why the elephant?

At Leading Elephants, our mascot is the elephant.  
Strong.  Playful.  Heart-Centered.  And Complex.  
We think elephants capture so much of what it means to be a leader.

We Believe in Navigating the wild together.

Elephants are communal animals.

They have established ways of honoring the heart and caring for one another.

We help people honor one another’s diverse perspectives, experiences and identities to create a collective vision.

We help teams see all sides of the elephant.

An ancient Indian parable shows four blind men encountering an elephant for the first time.  Each touches only one part of the elephant, and one sees a “tree” (leg), another a “wall” (elephant’s side) and another a “snake” (trunk)”.  No one person has the right answer.

We are champions of connection.  Tapping into the heart transforms work into an inspiring mission and technical tasks into work filled with meaning.

The heart matters.

In their bestselling book Switch, Chip and Dan Heath illustrate that rational thought (the rider) is not enough to create change.  We must also attend to the elephant (human emotion) and the path (codified plans and processes).

We create a safe space to unpack barriers and enabling dialogues that form a new future together.

We illuminate the elephant in the room.

At the heart of complex challenges, the unmentioned or impossible keeps people stuck.

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